New Beginnings

Paul and Sue stood behind the bar at The London Inn

Over the last eight months, The London inn has been preparing to go through some changes, and as of Monday 23rd November, those changes have finally begun. We are now under the new ownership of Paul and Susan Holloway, Working closely with the brilliant team here and with the local community, they hope to make some great changes!

A bit about the new owners

Having spent many holidays down Cornwall, Paul and Sue have always said they'd love to move here one day, then one day back in February they decided to take the leap. That was when they stumbled across The London Inn. Having both run their own businesses for 10 years and Paul's dream to one day run a pub, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for them!

Recent Changes

Over recent weeks they've been working closely with Richard, the Chef, to help create an all-new affordable menu! One aspect of this menu is a 'Small Appetites' section. This is tailored towards Children and OAP with smaller appetites or just those who don't want a full-sized meal! We also now have a section of the menu dedicated to Vegetarian options so that all can enjoy our delicious food!

We plan to reopen on the 2nd December, In accordance with Government guidelines and the local tier level.

We hope to see you all very soon

- The London Inn

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